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With our private chef service in Ibiza, you can enjoy the best gourmet food, with local ingredients, choosing between pre-prepared menus or creating a customized one. Our staff will provide you with the best ideas with high-level dishes to make your party, event, or celebration an unforgettable experience for your guests. With Consulting Services Ibiza, you don’t have to worry about anything; you can leave everything in our hands, offering you the best service and guarantee that your evening will be a success.

Private Chef at Home in Ibiza
If you hire our private chef services at home in Ibiza, you can host all kinds of dinners and meals in your preferred environment, in the location you specify, extend the evening as much as you want, and not worry about anything else.
Through our private chef service in Ibiza, we offer you all the tasks involved in the best gastronomic offer, from the initial design of the menu to its tailored preparation and elaboration at your own home, with a private chef, gourmet kitchen, and the best menu or à la carte menu selection, all for exclusive events, private occasions, or for your company’s clients, at your home, workplace, business facilities, etc.

Once we have established the initial contact and presented our private chef at-home services, gourmet kitchen, and our menu or à la carte menu selection in Ibiza, we will send you an initial proposal for a menu based on the island’s best local, fresh, and seasonal products. In our private chef service in Ibiza, the chef himself takes care of shopping, takes the first steps in organizing ingredients and dishes in our facilities, and arrives at your home or the location you specify with sufficient lead time to finish cooking the menu, be it during the weekend, night, noon, individual days, hourly, etc.

Private Chef for Events and Catering in Ibiza
What is the operation of our private chef service in Ibiza? The first step is to get to know us through an interview, define your needs, preferences, and tastes. Next, we will present our wide variety of private chef services for events, private chef, private events, and catering, all while guaranteeing your privacy and in complete confidentiality. We have extensive experience, and our professionals are accustomed to working for the best VIP clients, during the weekend, night, noon, individual days, or hours.

Our private chef service for events, private chef, private events, and catering includes, if you wish, services of waitstaff and servers, as well as a presentation of the menu and various dishes to your guests. At the end of the tasting, you don’t have to worry about anything; our staff will carry out the necessary cleaning tasks. Our commitment is to preserve your privacy during your stay and manage your services in a completely personalized way.

Top-Quality Food
With our private chef services in Ibiza, we ensure that the quality of the ingredients we use is the highest, and our menus are balanced and healthy. We offer you many possibilities, from sporadic service to a complete one of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whether for a short period or long duration.


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