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If you have ever thought to buy a luxury villa in Ibiza, in Consulting Services Ibiza we offer you the most luxurious and secure homes, where the exclusivity, tranquillity and privacy, combined with the utmost confidentiality are our trademark.
We have the best team of professionals who will advise you with a commercial portfolio of the best options in luxury villas and in the most prestigious areas in the island of Ibiza. Read more

The best surroundings, the best services
What kind of luxury home are you interested in? Would you like it to be facing the sea, in the countryside, city, port or mountain? Our experts in the sale of luxury villas in Ibiza will adapt to your preferences and requirements, whether a luxury home in the peaceful countryside or on the beach front. Consult us; we will inform you completely free of charge. We are a guarantee of professionalism, transparency, trustworthiness and the utmost confidentiality.

We will accompany and advise you so that you can choose your home according to its neighbouring areas, shopping centres, children’s playgrounds, the beach or mountain, and everything your family could wish for.
We suggest the best exclusive selection of houses and luxury villas for sale in the most prestigious areas of Ibiza, where you can buy a luxury villa in Ibiza with some spectacular views of the island, in the most sought after spots, facing the sea, in the countryside, city, port or mountain. Our specialists in the sale of luxury villas in Ibiza can find you luxury homes that prioritise the combination of the utmost quality and luxury you have come to expect.

Purchase formalities of luxury villas in Ibiza, the best option
When you contact us, firstly, we will start off by helping you to find the best location. We will be the guide you need to find the best options in luxury villas. Secondly, we will take care of everything, deeds, deal with banks, registries, and any other formality if you so wish, so that the purchase transaction will be carried out with the utmost security and professionalism. With our service of sale of luxury villas in Ibiza, the full discretion of our team of professionals is guaranteed. Your privacy is completely assured with us.

Do you know Ibiza? The island has a subtle combination of tradition and modern style, of class and elegance. It’s the ideal place to buy a luxury villa with which to enjoy the charm of the Ibizan nightlife, its VIP atmosphere, marine activities with the rental of yachts and other services, the best nightclubs, the best restaurants and night spots, and everything needed so that your life here is as you’ve always dreamed.

If you are looking to book additional services, such as a private chauffeur, private security, concierge service, rental of luxury cars, and many more, our experts in the sale of luxury villas in Ibiza will advise you in each field and will work at any time of day so that you won’t have to worry about a thing, through a totally personalised service, according to your requirements, tastes and objectives which you have planned during the length of your stay on the island, whether for business or pleasure. Close