A top quality service with personalised attention

Our objective at Consulting Services Ibiza is to place the services of a professional, whose aim is to save you time by dealing with all the everyday tasks, at your disposal and who will suggest the extraordinary. Your concierge will anticipate your wishes, advise you, support you and decide on the best alternatives for you at your request and ultimately become a person you trust in. A personal assistant who will make life easier.

Ultimately, our main aim is to fulfil both your business and personal needs and requirements in order to make them an unforgettable experience, in many cases, making the impossible possible.

Our commitment with our clients is based on values such as confidentiality, professionalism, availability and a personalised service.

At Consulting Services Ibiza we have a wide portfolio of services to fully satisfy your needs and requirements, even if those requests are out of the ordinary or the services required uncommon. Nevertheless, they will be to your liking. We are at your entire disposal in order to deal with any personal request that you wish to present us with.