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In Consulting Services Ibiza we have experience in the area of event planning in Ibiza, wedding planning, business or corporate events, VIP celebrations, organising private parties or any event you wish to hold on the island. Our aim is to make your dreams come true, with the help of the best team of professionals, who will make sure that your event is a special one, personalised, maintaining your complete privacy and planning the logistics of all the services which will guarantee the success of the event in great detail.

To our passion and dedication to achieve that the event planning in Ibiza is carried out to your full satisfaction, we must add a vast experience in wedding planning, business or corporate events and private parties.

We provide comprehensive solutions, tailored to your event, whatever the scale, with personalised attention, proactively creating economically viable solutions with an immediate response for the stages of event planning in Ibiza, whether the objective is to hold presentations or VIP celebrations, or even to achieve corporate, social objectives or of a cultural nature.

Wedding planning in Ibiza
In order for you to only worry is enjoying the once in a lifetime moment and such a special day. Our wedding planners will take care of those details that you unable to due to a lack of time, through an exclusive and totally confidential service.
Legend has it that Ibiza is protected by the Phoenicians and the stars in its sky, and whoever marries on the island will find eternal love.
Weddings in Ibiza have a unique charm about them. They are full of glamour, with all the guests dressing in white and radiant brides. The altar is usually located on a beach, adorned with flowers and with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop. Could one ask for more?

Corporate events in Ibiza
Our experience in corporate event planning in Ibiza will guarantee success. These events are an elegant greetings card for clients and for competitors alike, and knowing how to transmit the values, philosophy and objectives which inspire a project or company is very important. What type of event do you wish to hold? An incentives trip, a product presentation, confrence, courses or seminars, a business meeting? Allow us to help you.

Our advisors will take care of all the organisation and development of your company events, from the actual planning, communication strategy, displays and stands, promotional and marketing campaign, hiring auxiliary personnel, logistics, accommodation and everything which the attendees need.

If what you desire is to combine business and leisure in the same event you are to hold, Ibiza is the ideal place. The island, one hour and thirty minutes away from all European cities, has been considered the most exotic destination in the whole of Europe.

VIP celebrations and Private parties
For organising private parties and VIP celebrations, we can provide that touch of class that you are looking for, through dancers and personnel specialising in image, the best lighting and sound equipment as well as performers and DJ´s with experience in parties and celebrations.

If you are thinking of celebrating a birthday, a stag party, a wedding announcement or celebrating a very special date or ceremony, and wish to do so on board a boat or in a luxury villa on the island, we are specialists in event planning in Ibiza, we will ensure that everything is to your complete satisfaction, completely maintaining your privacy.