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Villa Can Nicole

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The incredible Villa of Can Nicole is located on the eastern side of the road that links Cala D´Hort and Cala Vadella. It has an excellent location in the countryside, with sea views, 20 minutes from the airport, 25 minutes from Ibiza and 10 minutes from San José. If you contract the rental of luxury private villa Can Nicole in Ibiza with us you will soon realise that you have made the correct choice for your stay in Ibiza during the summer season, monthly, weekend or single days.

The property has a cosy living room, connected to the swimming pool by means of sliding doors, a patio with pine trees and a fish pond. The fully fitted kitchen which incorporates modern and fully working electrical appliances is open and has an island to make cooking more comfortable. Enjoy this luxury villa with the rental of luxury private villa Can Nicole in Ibiza which we offer you during the summer season, monthly, weekend or single days.
The master bedroom has a bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower. Furthermore, there are four more bedrooms, four bathrooms, a furnished terrace, a small guest house, electric doors and above all, a privileged sea view. Enjoy your stay on the island in this impressive house with sea views located on a country estate, with the VIP services in Ibiza which we offer you in Consulting Services Ibiza.

Services included
With the rental of luxury private villa Can Nicole in Cala Vadella, you will enjoy the best luxury VIP services in Ibiza. On arrival to Can Nicole, everything will be ready for you to have an unforgettable stay, gas, electricity, water supplies and internet connection will be in perfect working order. Furthermore, in your rental of luxury private villa Can Nicole in Ibiza we will take care of, if you so wish, the cleaning and maintenance of the indoor rooms, the porch, the swimming pool, the garden and all of the outdoors.

Additional services
If you have considered using our services such as reservation of VIP tables in establishments, nightclubs, beach clubs and the best nightclubs, private chauffeur, private chef for your events and celebrations, a butler to finish preparing meals in front of your guests, rental of luxury vehicles during your stay on the island, and have qualified security personnel available, with our service, rental of luxury private villa Can Nicole in Ibiza we will make sure you receive a fully personalised service, maintaining your privacy at all times.


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