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Consulting Services Ibiza offers our clients the most ample range of VIP concierge services in Ibiza. It is a personalised service for your assistance, exclusive and totally confidential, that offers everything you need in order to organise your activities during your stay on the island, with an exclusive customer service for everything you may need. Read more

Through our VIP concierge services in Ibiza, we will perform any task or services that you do not wish to do personally, always taking into account our commitment to maintain your privacy. If this service has been contracted in advance, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of a personalised assistance from your arrival to the island.

Booking VIP tables in Ibiza
Through our VIP table booking service in Ibiza we will arrange the reservation of the best VIP area in a totally confidential manner, where you will be able to enjoy the best service and the best shows of the Ibizan nightlife.

Private chauffeur in Ibiza
When contracting our private chauffeur service, you will have qualified drivers at your disposal 24 hours a day and with vast experience in the service of transporting VIP clients with total discretion, as well as the most modern means to guarantee your security and privacy, with the utmost professionalism, punctuality and elegance.

Security personnel in Ibiza
In Consulting Services Ibiza we have ample experience in the protection of our clients during the length of your stay on the island. We specialise in high quality service, with personnel of the utmost qualification in surveillance and protection, guaranteeing the security of our clients in any unforeseen eventuality. From bullet-proof vehicles, frequency blockers, and the most modern technological means of security.

Private Chef in Ibiza
If what you wish is to savour the best dishes of the new fine dining trend, and wish to do so from the comfort of your own home during your stay in Ibiza, through our VIP concierge services in Ibiza we provide the most specialised personnel, a totally confidential service. You only need to worry about deciding on the menu or we can draw up your menu a la carte. With which wine do you prefer to accompany your dinner with?

Private Dj in Ibiza
We are able to offer you the best Dj for your private parties or weddings on the island and for those events you wish to hold, with experience in these kinds of celebrations. Our team of professionals have state of the art technical equipment, in lighting, sound and the best variety of music.

Foto & Video Ibiza
Have you ever considered recording a promotional video from the island, a professional advertisement, or even an emotive audio-visual memento of your trip, of the party or the event which you are to hold? In collaboration with the best audio-visual production companies, we provide the best team to do so, from script writers, to post-production experts in sound and special effects, and everything you need for a surprising end result.

Butler Service in Ibiza
We offer you the best butler service so that you can enjoy all the services you could ever need at home, in your office or any activity that you require. Our team of professionals will offer you all the assistance required with the utmost professionalism, discretion and efficiency.

Nannies and babysitters in Ibiza
We take an interest in the well-being your family during the length of your stay in Ibiza. Therefore, the service of nannies and babysitters will be at your disposal. This way, the youngest members of the household or the elderly members that need it will have the most qualified and responsible carers, guaranteeing your privacy and that of your loved ones at all times.

Personal shopper Ibiza
If what you really need is top quality advice in order to bring out your image’s full potential, in our services of VIP concierge in Ibiza we provide the service of personnel shopper. A personal shopper will help you choose items of clothing, accessories, gifts, shops of the best brands, according to style and requirements. We will draw up the itinerary of shops depending on your style, if you so wish, and if you do not have time, after a short interview and personalised study, we will do the shopping for you and deliver it personally to your home.

Personal Trainer Ibiza
In Consulting Services Ibiza we offer you the most suitable personal trainer for your personalised training at home. Using the most advanced training techniques, each session will be different, motivating, safe, fun, and suitable for your level and requirements. So come on, take the plunge that will allow you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and achieve the physical shape you have always wanted. We will help you channel your efforts to achieve peak performance.

Catering service Ibiza
Our services have the suitable experience to offer you the catering best suited to your preferences, number of guests or diners, type of celebration, transport, the decoration the location where the meal will be held, etc. We will make sure that you are the star of the event, meeting or celebration.
We are sure that the reason why more and more people like you put their trust in us is because of our customer service and that we take care of absolutely everything so that you, on the day of your celebration, are the star.

Stocked fridge
As part of our VIP concierge services in Ibiza we ensure that you have everything you need on your arrival to the island and during the length of your stay. You can order by telephone or via email and from a value of 60€ worth of shopping, we will select the best products according to your request, take it to the check-out and deliver to your home so that you do not have to travel anywhere and have it waiting for you upon your arrival.

Food and night
Enjoy the famous Ibizan nightlife and all the activities which the island has to offer, the most charming restaurants and the local products, having a drink in the best beach clubs, or booking your VIP access to the most exclusive nightclubs in advance. How about it? Trust in us, we will make sure to show you all the Ibizan nightlife can offer those who are unfamiliar with the island of Ibiza.
Do you require any other complimentary services? Do not fret, contact us and we will meet your requirement and advise you, we are at your service to satisfy all your preferences and wishes. Close