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In Consulting Services Ibiza, we are proud to present a series of services and products to meet the needs of the most discerning customers. We offer you an innovative and fresh concept so that you can enjoy your holiday and stay on the island with the utmost privacy and a fully personalised service depending on your preferences, tastes and objectives. [su_leer_mas clase_mostrar=»bloque-leer-mas-servicios» texto_leer_mas=»Read more»]

We have qualified professionals at your disposal 24 hours a day, for the duration of your stay on the island. We offer you a completely confidential service, so that you can enjoy the rental of luxury services and products in Ibiza, with the best value for money on the market and with the best range of products and services.

We have everything planned so that you so that you do not have to worry about a single thing. Our team of professionals work alongside experts on the island, in order to offer, in the rental of luxury services and products in Ibiza, a guaranteed compromise with ours clients and their complete satisfaction.

Rental of villas Ibiza
Through an exclusive service and maintaining your privacy at all times, we advise you on the location of the villa and its surrounding, whether facing the sea, in the countryside, mountain or close to the town of Ibiza with the sole aim of offering the utmost help during your stay in Ibiza. We make sure that the facilities have been checked, are ready for your arrival, up to our high standards and that our services of rental of luxury services and products in Ibiza will make you want to repeat the wonderful experience again.

Rental of yachts and sailing yachts Ibiza
If you wish to sail around the island, enjoy a day with the family along the Ibizan coast, or hold parties on board a luxury vessel, we have at your disposal the best fleet of our privately owned yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans and powerboats, which allows us to offer unbeatable prices.

Rental of luxury cars Ibiza
Within the services which we are able to offer in rental of luxury services and products in Ibiza is the option of a vehicle with or without chauffeur, depending on your needs and preferences. We are able to offer you an improved rental price if you have contracted a villa with us in advance.

Enjoy the pleasure of completing your trip by choosing from our wide range of luxury brand vehicles. Can you think of a better way to see the island? Discover the fascinating corners of Ibiza behind the wheel of an exclusive luxury vehicle, or enjoy the the views with our chauffeur service.

Rental of private jets Ibiza
Among the advantages of having a charter service and private jets available, is the possibility of choosing the departure times, direct flights, fastest routes that suit your timetable. Furthermore, you are able to use the cabin as an office or board room to hold business meetings. You can discover this service in our rental of luxury services and products in Ibiza.

We will evaluate your needs and take care of everything, from organising your trips, the on-board catering if required and the transport to your destination, through an exclusive service with the highest level of confidentiality and security. [su_leer_menos clase_mostrar=»bloque-leer-mas-servicios» texto_leer_menos=»Close»]