Villa Can Yuki

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Villa Can Yuki

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The impressive Villa Can Yuki is located in San José, in Ibiza, in a privileged area with wonderful sea views, 6 km from Ibiza. The house has 8 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, 8 bathrooms, a spectacular swimming pool designed with the Ibizan chill out style, located in a natural area full of vegetation, with natural lawn throughout the entire outdoor area and underfloor heating and cooling inside the property. [su_leer_mas clase_mostrar=»bloque-leer-mas-producto-formulario-ordenador» texto_leer_mas=»Read more»]

With our service, rental of luxury private villa Can Yuki in Ibiza we offer you this incredible VIP property, located on a country estate, in surroundings of great natural beauty, serene and with enviable sea views. San José is the largest municipality of the island, with many tourists seeking sunshine and beaches. Furthermore, Ibiza Airport of is in this municipality. Mount Sa Talaia, the highest point of the island, 475 metres high, is in San José.

The house has a large kitchen, furnished with the latest technological advances in materials, kitchen equipment and electrical appliances, etc. the very spacious living room is in perfect harmony with the Ibizan colour tones, its dazzling white colour, comfortable sofas, and the most exclusive decoration. An outdoor dining room under the porch, will allow you to have your snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner while enjoying the exceptional climate of the island and everything which surrounds the villa. Everything will be at your disposal with the rental of luxury private villa Can Yuki in Ibiza which we offer you during the summer season, monthly, weekend or single days.

Services included
If you use our luxury VIP services Ibiza of rental of luxury private villa Can Yuki in Ibiza which we offer you in Consulting Services Ibiza, on your arrival to the property you will have everything necessary in order to have an unforgettable stay, from housekeeping service, a change of bed linen, daily laundry service, cleaning of the outdoor facilities, maintenance of the swimming pool, gardening, inspection so that everything is ready on your arrival, and much more. Enjoy this incredible Luxury villa during the summer season, monthly, weekend or single days.

Additional services
If to the aforementioned services you would like to add reservation of VIP tables in the best nightclubs of the island, have the best luxury automobiles, yachts at your disposal, a haute cuisine service with a private chef, guarantee personal security and protection, have a butler service, a private chauffeur, personal shopper and more additional services, with our services rental of luxury private villa Can Yuki in Ibiza we will ensure that everything is to your total satisfaction, guaranteeing the utmost privacy, and provide a personalised service. [su_leer_menos clase_mostrar=»bloque-leer-mas-producto-formulario-ordenador» texto_leer_menos=»Close»]


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