Concierge services and VIP services in Ibiza. Consulting Services Ibiza.


With our concierge services in Ibiza, we’ll make sure that the planning and the day to day of your holiday during the length of your stay in Ibiza is perfect and that you and your guests, friends or family, will have an unforgettable experience on the island. However, if the aim of your trip is promoting your business, holding events or business meetings, we have every kind of related service to make sure that everything goes to plan, that your expectations are amply met and your image and that of your brand are enhanced. Read more

VIP services in Ibiza
Which VIP services do you require? If you need assistance in carrying out your business in Ibiza we provide every kind of reservation in nightclubs, shows, and beach clubs, contracting every kind of personnel, such as chauffeurs, security personnel, private chefs, Djs, events planning, parties and VIP celebrations, etc., we suggest that you take a look at our concierge services in Ibiza. We are specialists with many years of experience with the commitment to maintain your privacy during the length of your stay and manage every need in a totally personalised manner.

Catering Services
We offer you the most exclusive menus, using local produce, made following the latest trends in modern cuisine. With our concierge services in Ibiza you will be able to relax and let us take care of everything while you and your guests have a culinary experience to remember, whether for lunch or dinner. We provide gourmet dishes for your business meetings, events and celebrations made by the best chefs of the island, with some unique flavours for you to enjoy.

Stocked fridge
With the stocked fridge service we make sure that on your arrival, the home you have chosen for your stay has your favourite food, so that you can enjoy everything Ibiza has to offer from the very beginning, without wasting time going grocery shopping. We will present you with a list of the best products of the island. Choose from these or any other that you require. When you arrive home, you will have at your disposal a selection of fresh quality products from the best suppliers of meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood, etc., that will make your stay in Ibiza comfortable and with a suggestive gastronomic diversity. In our concierge services in Ibiza, we guarantee you the utmost privacy.

Food and nightlife
The nightlife in Ibiza is renowned, admired and enormously varied, for enjoying a lovely evening meal in the best restaurant, a dinner and show, with performances, modern lighting, a drink in the best beach clubs, and many more options. Let us take care of everything. We will book you your VIP access to the most exclusive nightclubs. We are very familiar with the Ibizan nightlife, trust in us. We will find you the ideal place, a restaurant with a prestigious chefs, the best cuisine on the island and after dinner, the best show, lively, with actors, the best music from all eras, dancers, and a ton of surprises.

Do you know the beaches of Ibiza? It is said that they offer the most exotic surroundings in Europe. The island not only stands out because of its vibrant nightlife, but also because of the quality of its beaches and its coves. There are more than fifty, but do not fret, we will advise and guide you to the best corners, the most select and exclusive. Our guides, locals of the island, will accompany you that place where you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Ibiza and the turquoise water. We have the best selection for you to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach.
In our concierge services in Ibiza we offer you an exclusive customer service for all your needs, guaranteeing your privacy at all times. Let us know your preferences and your requirements. We will take care of everything, your reservations, your itinerary, shopping, your transport, and, if you so wish, assigning you a companion for your daily activities. Close